Enterprise vision

We are committed to becoming a world-class leader in the industry and an innovative manufacturer of aerodynamic equipment with refined management, integrity, and harmony.

Enterprise Spirit

Fairness: open integration, scientific rules, transparent system, equal opportunity

Justice: performance-oriented, process-oriented, contractual management, equal communication

Shared governance: whole staff participation, cooperation and synergy, decentralization and balance, shared responsibility

Sharing: elite governance, value creation, co-prosperity, majority sharing

Enterprise Honors

National High-tech Enterprise

Suzhou and Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center

Southern Jiangsu National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone Gazelle Enterprise

The first batch of key enterprises of intelligent elderly in Jiangsu Province

Suzhou Science and Technology Demonstration Enterprise

Awarded the title of large taxpayer for many consecutive years

Awarded the title of Top 100 Enterprises for many consecutive years

Chairman Lu Weidong won the title of "Jiangsu Science and Technology Entrepreneur"